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Event Calendar Base

Event Calendar slider comes with some uniue features with Event Calendar Countdown feature. We focused on visitors need. You must need this if you’re bulding a event based sites.

**This is a 3rd party widget. For some technical reason we can't provide live demo. So please have some idea by this video.**

This example highlights the working principle of the Event Calendar Base Widget​. You have options for hiding certain items like- Title, Date, Excerpt, Excerpt Length, Buy Button, Custom Link, Location, Image, Image Size, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Label, Custom Label. In case you want, you can hide the arrow for mobile size display. And, you can set navigation arrow, arrow position from the navigation settings as well as Auto Play, Auto play speed, Pause on hover, Slide to Scroll, Loop, animation, and Observer from the Slider Settings. All data has been collected from Events Data

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